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Dying Dreams
Is this real, or is this a dream?
Yes, to both. Just because this is a dream doesn't make it any less real.
Generally, people make a distinction between dreams and reality.
But dreams are just another part of reality. Strictly speaking, the only thing you can ever be sure of is that your own mind exists. Beyond that, it's a hopeful guess that the world you perceive is really there. So, if that's the case, what makes a dream any less real than anything else you perceive, or think, or feel?
Isn't that Descartes?
What you just said. That's Descartes' philosophy.
Yes, but he eventually decided that the physical world must exist because a benevolent God wouldn't allow him to be tricked so terribly, so he reasoned that he must perceive reality.
You sound doubtful.
I didn't agree with his logic. It hinged on the notion that being cleaved from reality would be cruel, but sometimes it's the lesser evil. But I deal in dreams. What would I kn
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Faithful Service - Potential Blurb
'When death comes for you, I will come for you first.'
130AD. When Rezarta unwillingly sells her soul to the pestilent demon, Kukuth, she determines to use her end of the bargain to bring some justice to an unjust world. But as the power becomes more seductive and the demon manipulates her further, she is driven to ever greater lengths to keep her secret from her family.
With the help of the mysterious Arian, a stranger who saved her life, Rezarta hopes to break the pact and save her family's souls. She soon learns, however, that Kukuth is far from willing to let her go, and as the demon's vengeance becomes ever more frightening, Rezarta fears that the redemption she needs will always be out of reach.
Inspired by Albanian folklore and spanning three generations of tragic misfortune, 'Faithful Service' weaves a tale of magic, betrayal and the strength of family.
:iconmidgetr:MidgetR 3 4
I love to lose myself in books. I can read until time seems meaningless, when the encroachment of night around me bleeds slowly yet inexorably into early morning. And the wonderful thing about a good book is that none of that passage of time matters, because such time is never wasted. Books are worlds unto themselves, little cosmoses made of paper, glue and black ink, brought to life by that essential spark of imagination in the reader.
And the most beautiful thing about books is their paradox. Despite being mass-produced little commodities for pleasure, they also manage to be unique in each copy. Put aside the obvious fact that each author has an individually idiosyncratic mind that differentiates between their work and another. I am speaking of books that detail the exact same story from the exact same author in the exact same words. Even these are individual because every reader has the power to bring something different to their reading of the text. Their minds will flare at differ
:iconmidgetr:MidgetR 3 18
Building Worlds
We built a world together,
you and I,
with oceans deep
and mountains tall,
and flocks of nightingales
to blot out the sky.
There were seasons short
and seasons long
that we never could quite manage
to run like clockwork.
At the end of our first spring,
when we lived in a bower
of powdered blooms
and listened at length
to the sweet melody
of songbirds,
we thought to live in
an eternal summer.
Rich and heady
was the scent of the nectar
we drank
in our summer isles,
gazing out over the
crystalline water.
The plants had grown strong,
and we walked halls
made of birch bark
and vines laden with fruit.
We padded,
over carpets of
muscled roots,
through the dappled
light of evening.
But our summer was not
as we had dreamed.
Voices rose as thunder,
and anger cracked like lightning.
Summer storms ravaged
our isle
as we made the heavens weep.
When the storms calmed,
autumn had come
and all was no longer
fresh and green.
It was bronze and gold and
brazen scarlet,
our ha
:iconmidgetr:MidgetR 2 2
Saskia's Dream - Art Trade :iconmidgetr:MidgetR 8 5 Home Sweet Home :iconmidgetr:MidgetR 4 0 Saskia's Dream - WIP :iconmidgetr:MidgetR 2 3
'Faithful Service' - Blurb
'Faithful Service' tells the tragic tale of Rezarta, an Albanian woman living in the Dark Ages. Driven by the grief of losing her fiancé to another woman, she makes a pact with a demon to grant her the power for her vengeance. But at a terrible cost.
She soon learns that power is a corrupting influence, and that she has bartered the souls of her family to something truly evil.
It is then that she meets a peculiar priest with his own tale of divine ignorance and self-realised salvation. He alone can promise a reprieve from the malign attentions of the demon, but his solution isn't without its own chains. Can Rezarta learn to choose between the evils before her and free her family, or will she cast them down into further chaos?
:iconmidgetr:MidgetR 0 14
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Overall, I loved this piece. The language you used create an intensely dark yet vibrant atmosphere that is brimming over with the sensu...


Black pen. 

I was inspired by several versions of the myth of the birth of Zagreus and Dionysus. I've taken my favourite aspects of each version and re-combined them.

Top panel - Zeus and Hera before Olympus.

Zeus - King of Olympus, god of storms/thunder/lightning, wielding his lightning bolts. 

Hera - Queen of Olympus, sister and wife of Zeus, goddess of the sky, women and marriage, carrying her lotus sceptre. When she learns of Zagreus' birth and true parentage, she sends the Titans to kill and consume him.  

Centre - Zagreus.

Zagreus - first incarnation of the god Dionysus, born from Zeus' rape of his daughter, Kore. 

Bottom (left to right) - Semele, Kore, Demeter. 

Semele - princess of Boeotia and daughter of Cadmus and Harmonia (through Harmonia, great-granddaughter of Zeus). Zeus' mistress, who becomes Dionysus' mother when Zagreus' remains are used to impregnate her. 

Kore - Persephone's name before she became Queen of the Underworld. Daughter of Zeus and Demeter. She gives birth to Zagreus following being raped by her father. 

Demeter - goddess of grain and the harvest, wearing her wheaten crown. Sister of Zeus and Hera, and mother of Kore by Zeus. 


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Thanks to being in a lovely mood yesterday, coupled with getting a few hours by myself, I got my creative juices flowing and wrote the final two chapters of 'Faithful Service'! It's clocked in at a nice 508 pages that now need some extra TLC (i.e., re-reading and editing and polishing), but I'm counting this as 'finished (with extra work needed)' :D

I think the characters are breathing a sigh of relief that I'm letting them rest now, and grew to like them enough to give them a nicer ending that originally planned at the story's outset ;)


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